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Tree felling is a useful service whether you live in the city or countryside. Suburban gardens can find themselves overgrown or with branches crowding their windows. Those out in rural areas might need professional help clearing an area of land for development. Whatever the reason, Surrey and Hants can travel out to meet you and get an arboricultural dilemma under control.

Basingstoke is where many of our clients ask for our help. It might be known as the Roundabout City but there is plenty of greenery here that needs keeping in check. Although well known for its perfect situation as a commuter and business haven, this landscape must be carefully managed. Telecommunication and electronics companies that have made this town their base, might find vegetation cramping their expansion plans.

Now larger than ever, Basingstoke has humble beginnings as a market town. After the Second World War the influx of people in London were purposefully dispersed out to selected towns across the country, and this settlement was no exception. Situated in south middle England it sits happily between London and the south coast. Much undeveloped farmland and woodland has now been changed into the dynamic and thriving community it is today. What this does mean is that as it continues to expand, our safe branch cutting and full landscaping services can make the process smooth and quick. This allows housing and building projects to continue at a steady pace, with the assurance that work is carried out by experts in the outdoors.

Tree Felling

Full Tree Surgeon service | Removal and grinding of tree stumps | Maintenance of hedges – from planning to trimming | Fencing – repairs or replacement of existing fencing | 24 hour emergency call out service | References available on request

We are always happy to visit you, view your trees and discuss your needs. We will then make a plan and give you a no obligation quote, detailing all work that we intend to carry out. We believe our rates are competitive and our customer service is second to none.

Offices and business premises can really start to suffer when unruly roots crack through car parks and even walls. Sometimes just the weather can cause havoc with previously stable trees. Purchasing a plot of land can be an exciting time, but not everyone knows where to turn for that first step in managing it. Encountering deep-set roots, old stumps or unwanted hedgerows are just some of the difficulties faced. Of course there might even be aged trees that need assessing before work can begin in case of conservation issues. The best way to get the measure of the work ahead is to work with experienced and trained specialists.


From trimming hedges to grinding down unwanted stumps, tree surgery takes many forms. Our specialist machinery means we arrive equipped and ready to tackle the job. With trained and qualified staff bringing a huge range of experience, complex tasks take less time than you might expect. With rooftop gardens that have been thriving since the 1970’s and a rare breed of lily that blooms here, Basingstoke deserves top quality arboriculture to keep it looking pristine. We appreciate that simpler gardening needs can often be catered for by the green-fingered hobbyist. The pleasure of keeping a garden is maintaining it year round so it can be enjoyed to it’s full potential. It’s when larger projects need a trained eye or heavy-duty equipment that simply isn’t cost-effective to purchase, that tree surgery can be a really helpful option.

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