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For professional tree surgeons in Farnham, Surrey & Hants Tree Co should be your first call.

Farnham is a beautiful town in Surrey, where we are proud to help both commercial and individual clients to achieve beautifully landscaped gardens and outdoor areas with our professional arboricultural services. The old buildings of architectural and historic interest in Farnham are a visual treat, and our clients understandably want the same from their outdoor areas. Our professional and affordable tree services make this a reality for our clients. We are able to undertake all forms of tree work and we will happily visit your home or business to provide a quote for work.

Although your property might not be as imposing as Farnham Castle, we understand that your home is your very own castle. Our professional tree surgeons are specialists in felling and our range of services centre around our customers’ needs. We provide just what they need to keep roots and branches at bay. From hedge trimming to new planting, our team of qualified tree surgeons can put together a short or long term plan. Take a look at our gallery for some examples of our work.

We can be called upon to cut back and unruly new growths in your garden, regaining the smart landscaping you need – whether that’s tree pruning or trimming your hedges back. Commercial properties will benefit from clearing overgrown windows and preventing any damage to buildings. We pride ourselves on providing quick and efficient solutions to nature’s interruptions. Our qualified tree surgeons will be able to help you with any tree care issue, large or small.

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Tree Surgeons Farnham – Surrey and Hants Tree Company provide a range of Tree Surgery services in Farnham.

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