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If you need a tree surgeon in Fleet, S&H Tree Company can help!

We have been providing tree surgeon services in Fleet and the surrounding area for many years now and we have numerous happy customers.

Fleet is a beautiful town with lots of green spaces, including Calthorpe Park and Basingbourne Park. As well as public parks though, many of us like to enjoy greenery and nature in our own gardens. Trees and shrubs look beautiful but they do require upkeep and maintenance work on a regular basis. We often visit residential premises to help keep trees, hedges and shrubs healthy and safe.

When you have a tree on your property it is important to ensure it is well maintained. Damaged branches can quickly become a hazard and dangerous – to you and to anyone visiting or perhaps walking past your property. You might think you can easily chop out a branch here and there, but a tree is actually a very sophisticated structure, and each branch forms part of a detailed network. If you remove the wrong branch you can actually make a tree very unstable and dangerous; you may find that the next windy day brings you an unpleasant surprise.


Tree Surgeons Fleet – Surrey and Hants Tree Company provide a range of Tree Surgery services in Fleet. Contact us on 0800 032 2744.



As tree surgeons in Fleet we have spent over sixteen years caring for trees and shrubs on both domestic and commercial properties. We are proud to help our customers in Fleet and further afield with all of their needs when it comes to the trees and shrubs on their property. We are a family run business and our staff are all trained tree surgeons with a passion for arboriculture. We can help with tree felling and all aspects of tree maintenance including coppicing, uplifting, stump removal and managing storm damage. As well as this we can help and offer advice with the planting of new trees, and numerous other issues surrounding gardens and land. Give us a call on our freephone number for a no obligation chat about how we may be able to help you.

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