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Although it might seem unlikely in today’s urban landscape, Guildford actually gains its name from plants. Named after the golden flowers the grew on the banks of the River Wey, nowadays it’s famed more for it’s cobbled streets and hot property market. Whether you’re living here and commuting to London or run your business in this convenient location, sometimes trees can present a problem.

As qualified tree surgeons we are experts in moving, shaping and removing difficult growths. Often voted as one of the best places to live in Britain, it’s no surprise that new residents flock to this bustling town. Cutting down or trimming established trees can be a great way to personalise your property purchase. It’s not uncommon to find the summer sun blocked out by bushy branches overhead. Your enjoyment of your garden can be ruined simply by an evergreen that lies too close to the path or leans worrying against your wall. We offer advice and competent workmanship to create a more liveable outdoor space that is welcoming year-round.

For companies operating in Guildford, similar issues often raise their heads. Your employee and customer safety is paramount, so we can provide stump removal and grinding to reduce irritating obstructions. Keeping your premises tidy is similarly important, and our professional hedge cutting services meet this need nicely. If you want all the trees across your land to be maintained for you, our annual contracts fit the bill. Employ us to manage your vegetation with specialist knowledge and forward-planning.

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