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When you picture a leafy, idyllic place to live the image that comes to mind is surely of Hartley Wintney. Quaint by name and nature, this picturesque village nestled in Hampshire is a classic chocolate box place. Understandably popular with our clients who move away from the City, our arboricultural services take us into the heart of this photo-perfect location. That said, even the prettiest spots of England require a specialist tree surgeon every now and again.

This county is known for its affluent and well-kept greenery, typified by villages such as this. Based in the Hart district, it is surrounded by sub-villages and hamlets that allow secluded living alongside luxurious landscape. As a highly green part of the country, many homes have built up mature gardens and trees with a history all of their own. Occasionally these need not only maintenance, but help in growing to the best of their ability. This can take the form of crown thinning and pruning, which not unlike a giant haircut leaves the foliage in far better long-term condition. Being able to access sufficient light and nutrients as well as space is what allows shrubs and trees to truly flourish. Historically a landscape that was marshy and heavily wooded with a nearby lake, plant-life still finds it a fertile base even today. The village green complete with thatched duck house is a testament to the importance of nature in daily life here.

Tree Felling

Full Tree Surgeon service | Removal and grinding of tree stumps | Maintenance of hedges – from planning to trimming | Fencing – repairs or replacement of existing fencing | 24 hour emergency call out service | References available on request

We are always happy to visit you, view your trees and discuss your needs. We will then make a plan and give you a no obligation quote, detailing all work that we intend to carry out. We believe our rates are competitive and our customer service is second to none.

Places like Hartley Wintney really offer the best of both worlds. The enjoyably relaxed and natural environment can easily be swapped for the bustle of a nearby town or city with use of the M3 motorway close by. It’s fair to say that many residents may see little reason to travel however. It’s famed for a wealth of high quality antique shops that many flock to year round in search of a classic piece. An appreciation of all things traditional means that the gardens and privately owned land here is rarely unkempt for long, but if you do need help with those larger jobs S & H Tree & Arborist Service is the right number to call. Our friendly team are not only highly trained. They also come fully equipped with the right tools for the job. Our up-to-date equipment, keen regard for safety and proper insurance means there really is nothing to worry about.

If any village knows a thing or two about arboriculture it is surely this one. Right in the centre of this community stands a grand old oak tree near the village green. It was planted in response to a call out for ship timber after the Battle of Trafalgar and still stands firm today. We respect the nature of these growths and will always work to protect important heritage. Our work means careful preservation, conservation, growth and change all performed in careful balance. Let us guide you to the right service depending on your needs – from directional felling right through to hedge maintenance and tree planting.

Surrey and Hants Tree Company provide a range of Tree Surgery services in Hartley Wintney.

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