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If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Petersfield, give us a call.

We have many regular customers in Petersfield and the surrounding area, who come to us first when they need a tree surgeon. These include both residential and commercial premises with both trees and shrubs that require maintenance or more serious work. We pride ourselves on helping our customers to ensure all of their trees and shrubs are healthy, looking good and also safe.

When you have trees on your property it’s important to ensure they remain healthy and safe. Bad weather can cause branches to break which can then pose a danger to passers by, and to your building. Trees must be cared for carefully and expertly; it’s not simply a case of chopping off a branch here and there. Each part of a tree relies on the others, and removing the wrong parts can leave your tree open to damage. With some trees, what you might think of as innocently cutting back foliage can leave entire branches dead. An expert will know exactly where to cut, and what to leave behind in order to ensure your trees remain healthy and strong.


As tree surgeons in Petersfield we have many years of experience in caring for trees and shrubs in the local area. We are happy to help our customers in Petersfield and beyond to ensure their trees and shrubs are safe, healthy and looking good.

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Tree Surgeons Petersfield – Surrey and Hants Tree Company provide a range of Tree Surgery services in Petersfield. Contact us on 0800 032 2744.

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