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Richmond is a suburban town in Greater London, previously a part of Surrey. There are several parks and open spaces in Richmond, including Richmond Park and several protected conservation areas. There is a specific Act of Parliament which protects the view of the River Thames from Richmond because of its notable scenic beauty.

In an area so famed for its natural greenery and beauty, homeowners and business owners are keen to keep up with their surroundings, and it is important that trees and shrubs are trimmed and well kept. We are proud to work with both domestic and commercial clients as tree surgeons in Richmond, ensuring that trees are trimmed, pollarded and pruned correctly. Having an expert take care of your garden is not just about convenience; it means that established trees and shrubs will be professionally cared for by someone who knows exactly what is needed, how much to trim and where from. As tree surgeons in Richmond we are always on hand for our valued customers, especially after storm damage or other inclement weather has left trees or shrubs unstable and requiring a professional hand.


We are proud to work with many commercial companies providing tree surgery in Richmond, ensuring that their trees and shrubs are safe. As the owner of a business you are liable if falling debris or branches strike an unsuspecting passerby so often our business clients are very keen to ensure trees are kept well maintained, and any unstable branches are removed quickly and efficiently without causing further damage to the tree.



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Tree Surgeons in Richmond – S&H are qualified arboriculturists, offering a range of Tree Surgery services in the Richmond area. Call 0800 032 2744.

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