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For tree surgeons in West Byfleet, contact S&H Tree Company.

We have many regular customers in West Byfleet who rely on us for all of their arboricultural needs. We have both commercial and residential clients, and we work hard to ensure all of their trees and shrubs are healthy, safe and looking good.

When you have trees and shrubs on your property it is important to care for them properly, so as to avoid any damag to the tree or any people or buildings close by. Trees need expert care; it is not just a case of removing branches here and there. It is important to remember that every part of a tree is alive; if we remove the wrong part of it we may damage the entire tree. Removing the wrong branches can mean that the tree is in dange of being blown down in the next storm. A fully trained and experienced tree surgeon will know the best way to cut back your tree so that it remains healthy whilst also looking good. It is important to hire an expert to ensure your trees and shrubs are well cared for.


Our Services Include:

Full Tree Surgeon service | Tree felling | Removal and grinding of tree stumps | Maintenance of hedges – from planning to trimming | Fencing – repairs or replacement of existing fencing | 24 hour emergency call out service | References available on request


Storm damage and bad weather can leave trees and shrubs leaning or otherwise damaged which can pose a danger. We are always on call for our customers in West Byfleet with our emergency service to ensure they do not have dangerous broken branches on their property. Having a tree on your property also means it’s important to keep an eye on where its roots are growing. Rogue tree roots can cause damage to any concreted areas such as driveways or nearby carparks. They can also be cause for concern when it comes to outdoor drainage pipes and sometimes whole buildings can become compromised if a tree is growing too close to the foundations. I these cases we are able to safely fell the tree and remove the stump entirely. We can also plant a new tree a little further from the property or in a more suitable spot if required.

Trees and shrubs need to be maintained regularly to avoid any accidents or damage. As tree surgeons in West Byfleet we are happy to help our customers ensure their outdoor areas are looking good as well as safe and healthy.

Take a look at our gallery for some examples of what we could do for you or read some testimonials to see how we have helped others.



Tree Surgeons in West Byfleet – S&H are qualified arboriculturists, offering a range of Tree Surgery services in West Byfleet

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