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As tree surgeons in Winchester we have many happy customers who rely on us for all of their requirements. We are proud to serve both commercial and residential properties, ensuring their trees and shrubs are healthy, safe and looking good.

Many people will find themselves in need of a tree surgeon after some bad weather, but there are also ongoing maintenance jobs to keep up to date, such as trimming shrubs and trees or even moving or removing trees. These are all jobs best carried out by a professional, and as tree surgeons in Winchester we are proud to have worked with many customers to ensure their outdoor areas are both beautiful and safe.


Trimming trees is an important maintenance task as overhanging branches can block the sun to your property or may cause arguments with neighbours. Branches can also be a danger if not cared for properly. It is important to remember that every part of a tree is alive, and that we cannot just hack at it willy nilly; a fully trained and experienced tree surgeon will know exactly how to cut your tree back so that it looks good but also is not damaged by the trimming. Hiring an expert for the job is not only about convenience; it means your trees and shrubs will be cared for by someone who knows exactly how much to trim, and where from. Storm damage or inclement weather can leave your trees and shrubs leaning precariously or with damaged branches that can prove dangerous. We are always on call for our customers in Winchester to help resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

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Tree Surgeons in Winchester – S&H are qualified arboriculturists, offering a range of Tree Surgery services in Winchester. Call 0800 032 2744.

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